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ARX Fitness

The benefits of a week of strength training in one 10-minute workout.

ARX stands for Active Resistance Exercise. The ARX uses patented, motorized resistance and computer software to create a strength workout customized to you in real time. With ARX, the technology instantly and automatically adjusts to your changing level of strength so it’s the perfect amount of resistance, all the time, making your workouts as efficient and effective as possible. This means you can achieve more of the benefits of exercise, and do so in just minutes not hours. 

ARX Alpha

“Using ARX once or twice a week for 10 minutes stimulates all of the muscle growth I need. I know that sounds ridiculous, but it works!”

Dave Asprey

Founder & CEO, Bulletproof

ARX Alpha

The ARX Alpha is designed to support the following exercises:

Leg Press Row
Torso Extension Chest Press
Calf Raise Torso Flexion


The ARX Omni is designed to support the following exercises:

Belt Squat Deadlift Romanian Deadlift
Calf Raise Pulldown Pullover
Overhead Press Horizontal Press Decline Press
Incline Press Row High Pull
Pec Fly Triceps Pressdown Hamstring Curl
Biceps Curl


Measurable Results

Every workout is tracked and available on the ARX Cloud. You can see your progress, rate each set against any prior set, & correlate your performance with outside factors.

Fast & Efficient

No wasting time loading up barbells. Your focus can stay on your movements & technique. Sessions last about 10 minutes.

Improve Body Composition

Lose fat & gain muscle with regular strength training. Muscle gain will help increase your metabolic rate & balance hormones.

Eliminate Guesswork

ARX instantly and automatically adjusts to the changing level of force you are producing so you are never lifting a weight that is too heavy. With ARX you can achieve resistances that are otherwise impossible with weights